Hydraulic Hose Repair and Assembly

Hydraulic Hose Repair and Assembly

We have the largest fitting, and adapter selection in the area. We also stock a full line of AN fittings, and light weight racing hose.

Here at West County we have combined knowledge of hydraulic systems, how they operate, and what might help you out. Why go to a place that just makes hydraulic hoses, when you can come to a place that makes hoses, services equipment, and understands hydraulic systems like no other.

Lets start off with talking about a clean hose, and what it could do if it wasn't cleaned out properly. What happens when you cut rubber, you end up with a bunch of debris all over the place. Now imagine when your hose is cut to length, and not cleaned out. All of that "mess" can still be inside the hose. We have the solution to that problem! With Ultra Clean, foam pieces are blown through the hose, to expel virtually all debris left in the hose. This produces the cleanest interior hose you can get. Now what if it wasn't cleaned out? The rubber pieces could build up inside of your hydraulic system, plugging small passage ways, or causing the system to work harder then it needs to. Possibly damaging expensive components. You don't want that, do you?

How about we move on to what a good hose is, and why. Caterpillar uses the best quality of rubber and steel to create one of the most flexible hoses in the industry. When the competitions 1/4'' hose bends at a 4'' radius, CAT can do it in 2.5''. When your hose might be in a tight spot, or somewhere it might rub on another part, CAT offers some of the best abrasion material in the market. If you need wrapped wire protection, we got it! Nylon wrap, we have that too!

Our hydraulic hose and fittings are manufactured to meet all SAE, DOT and other industry requirements using high quality materials. They are specifically tested to work at very high pressures when assembled together.

Do you need hydraulic fluid? Do you know what type of fluid your machine takes? Do you know the difference between hydraulic fluid vs hydraulic transmission fluid? We do, and can help you figure out what type of fluid is best suited for your machine.