Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any licenses to operate equipment?
  • Yes, to operate most equipment in the state of Massachusetts you do need a hoisting license. A temporary hoisting license can be obtained by going to Mass Rental Licensing and completing their online course and exam.

  • Will I get any instructions on how to use the piece of machinary?
  • Yes, our staff is trained to answer all your questions regarding the rented piece of equipment. We also give a small "how-to" when you pick-up or we drop off our equipment. All equipment has a QR code sticker on the manual compartment that will take you to the machines Operators Manual.

  • Does the equipment come full of fuel?
  • Yes! But it is your responsibility to refuel it before pickup, or return. We will fuel it if you don't at a charge.

  • What is the rental term for one day?
  • The rental term for one day is 24 hours of possession of the equipment, and 8 hours of use time during the 24 hours of possession. This means, even though it is in your possession for 24 hours, you are only allowed 8 working hours with the piece of equipment.

  • Does the rental rate reflect taxes, and delivery fees?
  • A lot of times when asked what the rental is for a day, a base line price is given "The rental rate". This is the amount the rental will be pre-tax, and pre-delivery. Once we have been given an address for delivery, and received some basic information from you, a formal quote can be given.

  • How long are weekly and monthly rentals?
  • A weekly rental is 5 days. A monthly rental is 28 days.