Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need any licenses to operate equipment?
  • Yes, to operate most equipment in the state of Massachusetts you do need a hoisting license. A temporary one can be had by going to Mass Rental Licensing.

  • Does the equipment come full of fuel?
  • Yes! But it is your responsibility to refuel it before pickup, or return. We will fuel it if you don't at a charge.

  • Does the rental rate reflect taxes, and delivery fees?
  • A lot of times when asked what the rental is for a day, a base line price is given "The rental rate". This is the amount the rental will be pre-tax, and pre-delivery. Once we have been given an address for delivery, and received some basic information from you, a formal quote can be given.

  • What is the rental term for one day?
  • The rental term for one day is 24 hours of position of the equipment, and 8 hours of use time during the 24 hours of position. This means, even though it is in your position for 24 hours, you are only allowed 8 working hours with the piece of equipment.

  • Will I get any instructions on how to use the piece of machinary?
  • Yes, our staff is trained to answer all your questions regarding the rented piece of equipment. We also give a small "how-to" when you pick-up or we drop off our equipment.

Rental Policy

  • Breakdowns
  • Unfortunately equipment can have breakdowns. If this does occur during your rental, you must notify W.C.E.R immediately. Customers are not allowed to fix equipment without permission from W.C.E.R. We will assess the problem over the phone and send someone to repair, or swap out equipment. This will happen in a timely manner so the customer doesn’t lose rental time.

  • Delivery
  • We gladly deliver to you (one day rental or longer). A operator MUST be present at time of drop off. If a operator is not, extra charges could be added due to wait time. Our transportation fee depends on how long it takes us to get to you and the type of equipment being hauled. (Sorry, we don’t deliver portable equipment – items you can load into a car or pickup). You will be given a firm quote for round-trip transportation. However, the least expensive way for you to get the equipment is to pick it up yourself. If you have a vehicle that can safely transport your machine, it may be more economical to bring your own trailer, and haul it yourself. All trucks and trailers are inspected by our personnel prior to loading. Proper binding method, good tires, trailer brakes, lights, and current inspection sticker are just some of the things we will check.

  • Fuel
  • For your convenience, all items leave our yard full of fuel. You may choose to refuel the equipment or pay us a refueling fee. If you return the item full of fuel, there is no extra charge for fuel.

  • Insurance
  • The moment you accept the rented equipment, you are legally responsible for it. You are completely responsible for rented items until they are returned to our store and checked in by our personnel. We do offer damage waivers, please understand what this covers. Check with your insurance agent for coverage.

  • Our Promise
  • W.C.E.R promise to do our best to do the right thing, the right way, the first time, every time, on time. Our goal is to make your life easier and for you to have a pleasant rental experience!

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